Tent Caterpillars

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Tent caterpillars were a nightmare last year for many gardeners. The safest control for all caterpillars when they are actively feeding, is to spray foliage with the biological insecticide BTK. When ingested by the caterpillar, the organism reproduces in their gut and kills the pest. It is specific for caterpillars, so harmless to birds, pets and people. (Be sure not to spray BTK on plants that the larvae of butterflies are eating!)

Keep a close eye on any plant that was attacked by caterpillars last year and spay foliage as soon as the insect starts feeding. If you see these friendly flies around your yard, don’t kill them! Their maggots feed on the pupal stage killing the developing moth. for more information follow this link: http://www.ontarioparks.com/parksblog/whats-with-all-the-caterpillars/

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