Spring is just around the corner, and with spring comes new possibilities! This spring, New North Greenhouses is excited to bring you a new promotion that will make your garden THRIVE!

New North Greenhouses is hosting a fundraiser known as “Baskets of Possibilities” to benefit THRIVE Child Development Centre/Centre de développement de l’enfant, which helps children and youth with diverse abilities to achieve their highest potential. One of twenty-one children’s treatment centres across Ontario, they support children & youth from 0-18 years of age who are impacted by differences in physical, perceptual, communication, and/or developmental trajectories. This organization builds on the unique strengths, gifts, and talents of these children and youth so that they and their families can truly THRIVE!

New North Greenhouses has planted one hundred 14” coco-lined wire baskets with a beautiful assortment of annual flowers, with 3 combos to choose from. Baskets of Possibilities are available to pre-purchase. Each basket will cost $49.99 plus HST.

Only 100 baskets will be available, so purchase your basket today!


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